About TMT


Hello, my name is Mrs. Amah aka The Money Tamer, a finance executive and strategist with a finance career spanning over 15 years to date. I am passionate about money coaching, building sustained financial security and wealth and the goal is to use this blog as a platform for providing SMART practical tips on personal finance, wealth management, how to build financial confidence, ditch financial related debt, burden, stress, anxiety and poverty.  The aim is to empower people about finances and not to make the kind of mistakes I made in my early career life such as not participating in my company’s 401(k) retirement plan or not signing up for my company’s mentorship program.

A firm believer that wealth creation and career prosperity move in tandem, I am also the quintessential motivational coach often providing family, friends and colleagues a platform to discuss career goals, life motivations and ways to take our careers to attainable heights in this school of life.

For website navigational purposes, the blog categories are structured as below:

  • Money goals – tips on how to take charge of your finances, including investing, managing debt, building sustainable wealth
  • Career goals – tips on how to excel in our careers, interviewing & negotiating compensation package and climbing the career ladder
  • Parenting – figuring out this parenthood school of life
  • GTK You – featuring interviews of career professionals and getting to know them in the capacity of their professions
  • Resources – some useful downloadable finance related tools and workbooks

I am a Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”); graduated with highest honors (Summa Cum Laude)  from The University of Houston, Texas with a double Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Finance.  I also hold an MBA from the prestigious International Institute for Management Development (“IMD”) Switzerland.

I currently live in New York with my industrious husband and adorable twins who all bring out the best in me.  I try to be a fitness buff, I’m a travel enthusiast, a milk chocolate lover, I’m passionate about spirituality, life, meaningful friendships, vintage fashion and I nourish my friends and family with delectable food dishes.