What is your salary expectation? (vlog)

Picture this — you are doing so well in your interview (i.e. you are following my 7 interview tips from earlier vlogs) and ACE-ing it so far i.e. until the interviewer (usually the hiring manager) asks you the quintessential question: what is your salary expectation for this role??  For a split second, you find your whole life flash before you and are at a loss on how exactly to answer this question without:

  1. blowing your chances by overpricing yourself out of the range the company is willing to pay
  2. blowing your chances by underpricing yourself and letting the company perceive you as being underqualified for the job or if you get the job, you don’t want to feel like you low-balled yourself

So how do you answer such a question?  Join me on this vlog to discuss how and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.


  1. Nice one Iyobor. Tricky question there and you provided a safe answer
    . Well done sis. Looking forward to more.

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