My 5 guiding principles for 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! — we made it!  I often use the month of January to reflect on the past year, to guide me in setting the tone for the new year.  I must admit, up to a couple years ago, this felt like a ‘chore’ especially when one has to put serious thought into making and sticking to SMART new year’s resolutions. 

Now, I try not to force the ‘resolutions’ process but instead use it as a time to reflect on lessons learnt from my experiences last year and create a mindset for the most optimistic new year yet!  Here are my 5 guiding principles for 2017 (in no order of priority):

  1. SPEND MY TIME MORE WISELY:  If you are like me, there were definitely periods last year where I frittered away precious time on rubbish e.g. reading useless articles; engaging in meaningless conversations and dealing with energy-sapping people.  This is the year to put my finances and career on high gear.
  2. LIVE IN THE PRESENT: I need to learn to stop and smell the roses.  My twins are growing up right before my eyes and I shouldn’t be in a haste to experience them as toddlers.  I have promised myself to expunge from my vocabulary the phrase “I can’t wait”….no, Mrs. Amah, you can wait.  I will enjoy every precious moment and not let the present pass me by.  This is also the year to build up, pursue my dreams and aspirations — to go forth and continue to conquer.
  3. CONTINUE TO NOT COMPARE SELF WITH OTHERS: Fortunately I’ve never been one to compare myself to others because it is an unfair comparison i.e. never apples to apples.  My mother-in-law puts it aptly (translation from the Ibo language): it is not who starts the race first that finishes first; when you wake up, it is your morning which could be someone else’s evening.  Instead of comparing, I’ll continue to draw inspiration from others, maintain a positive mindset and keep forging ahead.
  4. BE LESS REGIMENTED:  Admittedly, I am a checklist girl which sometimes lends itself to rigidity; it’s how I keep super organized.  Having the twins has taught me to exercise more flexibility and that it is ok for a few items to go unchecked on my list at the end of the day or week.  Again, slow down, smell the roses, go with the flow.
  5. DELVE DEEPER INTO MY SPIRITUALITY:  I resolve to live more consciously in my experiencing in this lifetime; consciously guard my thoughts, words and deeds to ensure I do not cause harm or disrepute to my ‘neighbor’.  This is the hardest of all but I must try.

2016 was a fantastic year and I cannot count my blessings enough.  I look forward to an amazing 2017 filled with goodness, good health, laughter, prosperity.  Join me on this journey, it promises to be an eventful one. From the twins Mr. Amah and I, here’s wishing you happy new year and may all your heart’s financial and career desires come to fruition in 2017.

Joyfully Yours,

Mrs. Amah




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