How I prepare for a productive week

I am a checklist girl, hands down!  Checklists help me stay super organized, if anything, to ensure I do not forget to do a task or attend an event.  It’s like having a working calendar of some sorts.  With an expanded family i.e. my infant twins, checklists are all the more necessary for me.

Sunday evenings are the best time for this preparation.  To ensure a highly productive week given all the activity in my life, here is how I prepare:

  • Work attire for the week: I review my work calendar to see there are any upcoming meetings with executives, work events, workshops or happy hours and plan out my attires for the week accordingly.  As you may already have noticed from my various style inspiration blog posts, I love wearing dresses and skirts so I coordinate each outfit ensemble for each day of the week with appropriate shoes, handbag and jewelry accessories.  I also use this time to iron press my outfits for that sharp, crisp look.  If this is the week I expect my period, I also plan the outfits to accommodate any bloating episodes.  Monday mornings are the worst times to figure out what to wear for the day or week; it usually ends up being a very frustrating process not to mention the risk of one being late for work.
  • Check the weather forecast: This is very important for various reasons.  I hate to lose out on a warm winter day to break out my sandals, or wear a lightweight trench coat or not have to wear warm tights.  If anything, to just be better prepared for any kind of inclement weather.
  • Breakfast and lunch meals for the week: Breakfast is typically some eggs and yogurt; a fruit shake or some Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich. I pack my lunch in to work on most days and like to ensure I pack somewhat of a well-balanced meal i.e. a bowl of fruit (apples, pineapples, honeydew melon and mangoes are my favorites), a serving of protein e.g. chicken or fish with some rice and vegetables as accompaniments.  I typically will bake a large pan of chicken or fish for the week, cook some rice and mixed vegetables and pack 4 – 5 mini bowls of lunch for easy pickups for Mr. Amah and I. Sometimes, to prevent boredom from setting in, I make 2 different dishes e.g. Thai beef curry with brown rice and asparagus to alternate during the week.  As for fruits, I slice an entire honeydew melon or pineapple and pack them in 4 – 5 mini fruit bowls for work.
  • Outfits for the twins: I keep the twins closet very organized and it’s a matter of coordinating which outfit they wear each day including sweaters, headbands, socks or tights based on the day’s activity. g. if they have their well child visit at their pediatrician that week, I ensure they wear no-hassle outfits.  If they have a birthday party to attend, I ensure they are appropriately dressed for it.
  • Dinner meals for the week: I pretty much go with the flow when it comes to dinner. Anything is fair game depending on when I am back from work.  I typically will bake some Korean yam with roasting vegetables and have with a piece of steak.  If pressed for time, I’ll make a quick pasta and ground chicken dish; some okra soup with leafy vegetables with a small wrap of pounded yam or good ol’ Spanish omelet with toast, yam or fried plantains.  If we both had late lunch, then a quick southwestern cob salad for dinner suffices or stuffed filet of sole with some salad.  If time permits, I could bake some lasagna with some asparagus or make some shrimp Alfredo with penne pasta.  Sometimes, Chinese take-out is it.
  • On Saturdays, I prepare for Sunday worship: this includes organizing my clothes based on the weather and other planned activities for Sunday e.g. meetings or events after worship. I also pack some bottled water, fruit bowl and a fruit shake to curb hunger pangs and keep hydrated.
  • Any other activity planned for the weekend: if it’s a birthday party, I make sure to get the birthday gifts ahead of time; if it’s a meet and greet with friends or a party, we make sure we aren’t late.  If it’s the weekend my cleaning lady comes to clean, I ensure I give her ample days’ notice.  Same with grocery shopping i.e. need to ensure the fridge is fully stocked at all times – thanks to Costco, Shoprite and the African food store.


  1. Good to know am not alone as far as checklists are concerned. They help me keep on track too. I do love your blog Mrs Amah. Posts are quite useful, practical and entertaining.

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