Having a baby? Don’t spend money on these 5 things (vlog)

As a mom to toddler twins, it was not long ago I was pregnant with them, awaiting their arrival and was in the ‘market’ shopping for them – getting everything from play pens to diapers, to bibs, onesies etc. Some of us tend to go overboard with this preparation, especially first time moms.  Luckily, as a practical money coach, I tried to catch myself from going overboard. Join me on this vlog as I discuss 5 items new moms tend to buy that can be skipped. To the moms out there, I’d love to hear from you on other items you bought or got as a gift you felt were a waste of money (with the benefit of hindsight).  To all new moms, CONGRATULATIONS on your bundle(s) of joy.  To all expectant moms, I wish you the very best pregnancy as you await the arrival of your bundle(s) of joy.

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