Do marriage and finances go together (vlog)?

They can go together, in short, they should go together.  When a man and woman have come together in holy matrimony, to live TOGETHER as husband and wife, they should imbibe this to the letter.  

Granted, no two spouses are alike i.e. one always tends to be the ‘spender’ while the other is the ‘saver’.  The key here is that spouses should work together, learn to communicate, plan together in building the family and that includes budgeting and finance. Join me on the vlog episode as I discuss this.  Truth is, if couples work together, I can guarantee that money rifts will POOF – DISAPPEAR!

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  1. Loving the new website and the concept of a blog to go with the blog. Would be splendid if we can make it somewhat interactive with a Q&A session. Well done!

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