Break out of your comfort zone

It is a known fact that we are creatures of habit i.e. we like our foods cooked / spiced a certain way, we have certain food cravings or aversions, we take the same route to work, grocery store, school, we over or under analyze situations, we are risk averse (or maybe risk takers), we work in certain industries for companies of a certain size…the list goes on and on. I came across an article the other day where the author stated “it is insane to expect different results if you keep doing things the same way. If you want change in your life, be the change agent”. I totally concur. This has inspired me to share 3 ways to break out of your comfort zone:

  • Get job in a different industry working for a different type of company: This one is a tough cookie to bite.  If you are used to working for billion-dollar well established companies in the private or public sector, one could take a leap of faith by working for a small company with a start-up / entrepreneurial feel.  Of course, best to weigh the pros and cons of such move vis-a-vis your current family situation etc.  For example, while the fast octane life in a big corporation can provide adrenaline and tons of opportunity to rise up the corporate ladder, sometimes it leaves very little time for family.  On the other hand, working for a smaller company or start-up that is family oriented can provide the opportunity to unleash your entrepreneurial traits while providing more work/life balance and flexibility.
  • Start something new e.g. blogging: 2017 is the year I took the leap to start a blogging website. I have been mussing over it for years coming up with all excuses on this earth justifying not having time to be a blogger.  Events have a way of coming to one’s aid.  Since having my twins, I have become adept at time management i.e. I have expunged non-productive activities I engaged in prior to childbirth that are a total waste of my time (e.g. spending endless hours online shopping and watching TV) and channeled my energies, time and money towards more productive ventures. Don’t get me wrong, I still shop (can a woman ever stop shopping ?), I simply stick to a time and money budget. My blog is my outlet and it is very encouraging when I get comments or emails from my readers on how inspiring they find my blog posts — gives me much gratification!  Many other ‘hobbies’ fall in this arena e.g. interior decorating, gardening, sewing etc.
  • Learn a new language: You can’t go wrong with this — besides helping to keep the brain sharp, you become more marketable professionally when you add language skills to your resume / CV.  There are various avenues for this e.g. enrol in a structured program at a Community College or use a language application such as Rosetta stone or Duolingo. Imagine the excitement when next you surprise your German colleague by greeting him/her “Guten Morgen, wie gehts?” next time you run into him/her…. Priceless!

The bottomline — break out of your comfort zone and start something new / fresh.  if you have some body weight to shed, now is the time to change up your diet and engage in exercise. If you are unhappy in your present job for any reason, do something about it.  If you have been wanting to start a business or side gig, delve into it / follow your passion.  Do not be discouraged or take no for an answer. Be multi-lingual to broaden your horizon. Which other ways have you broken out of your comfort zone


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